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Welcome to Leithia Cosmetics!

Before you embark on your incredible makeup journey with us we’d like to tell you about the dream that propelled the creation of the Leithia brand that now has a massive collection of over 100 products, some of which will hopefully be a part of your vanity.

Everything is done in-house at our company, according to our FULL SERVICE philosophy: from researching the idea, to preparation of the sample in the laboratory, to production, labelling, packaging and shipping. Our tight-knit team of more than thirty people rigorously monitors every step, beginning with the choice of raw materials and through to the packaging of the finished product. In this way, quality, safety and production times are always guaranteed. We are a reliable point of reference for any company that values original solutions, created to order

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Our Passion

Striving hard to create products that deserve a spot in your makeup routine. Products that are premium, long lasting, value for money and cruelty free! And while we have been walking on this path for a while now, we still have a long way to go! To bring more makeup products on the table that help you celebrate the real you, every single day because beauty is magical and so are you.

Our Aim

Passionately and consistently bring makeup products to you that can hold their weight in the international arena both in terms of quality and price. Always value the desires and opinions of each member of our community while working towards a seamless makeup and skin care experience for you Celebrate diversity, creativity and passion by creating an inclusive community for anybody who picks up our products


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